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What is the best vibrator on the market?

This is the question, which is asked many times from our customer service. It is very hard to give exact answer because it is so personal thing, you might like more soft jelly, or silky silicon material or perhaps hard pvc. Some women like more rotating pearls on the shaft, some like double rabbit vibrator models, others like more classic design.Honestly the only way to find out what is the perfect and best vibrator for you, is test and try different models.

However, we could gve general guidelines. We could say for example that silicon is the most popular material because it is easy to keep clean and it is so smooth against intimate body parts. We could also say that simple classic design is very popular, but people buy also lot of so-called rabbit vibrators. Based on that you should have at least one of both kinds of vibes. Furthermore, couples vibrators and very popular and We-Vibe series is the best one available.

To give more specfic answer for the question, we have to say something you don't except. The best "vibrator" on the market is your own finger! That's the perfect vibe you can fully control and get yourself turned on. You can also teach to your partner how you like he/she use finger to tease you. To make a finger really thrilling, you can attach clitoris vibe on it! That works always!

If you're interested just in facts, you can read those from Wiki.